Cambridge Half marathon 2020

Cambridge 8/3/2020

Race Report by Glyn Manton 

A lot of racing today! 40 NRR finishers at Cambridge Half- obviously inspired by great running at last weeks Ringland. First club male Simon Wright and female Jessica B Running .
Special mention to Alex Gaunt completing a half after medical treatment therefore unable to train/possibly should not have run....- impressive?mad? Both?! For those have you that have not run this race it is nearly as well organised as our own half, although much dearer! Fast course with stunning views of some of the worlds finest educational buildings. Windy and a little congested at time but great support especially through the city centre. Free beer (compensated for the entry price!


 Glyn Manton 1:36 :22 ( 5 mins) Steven Cleveland 1:43:46.(7 secs!) Anne Wright  1.49:26 ( 7 Mins) John Miller  1:44:08.( 2 mins 44 secs) Gina Preston 1: 53:10 (6 mins)Marianne Armstrong 1:43:45 ( 4 mins) Dios Fernandez 1:43:0 (2 mins 21)


Snetterton Race Track half and full marathon 2019

Snetterton 17/11/2019

For a race circuit event the weather was absolutely superb providing great racing conditions.

Big well done to Marianne Armstrong who completed the Marathon in 4:16.40.

In the Half Marathon:

Chris Harrison - 1:20.58

Ian Bray - 1:23.02

Kevin Ames - 1:47.43

Kathryn Jervis -2:07.35

Natasha Blyth - 2:08.56

Well done all of you and well done to Nick Gurney for doing his first event as the race adjudicator.

St NEOTS Half Marathon

St Albans 17/11/2019

Trevor Kuhrt's upbeat race report!


St. Neots was a great race for Norwich Road Runners!!! The effort, pace and sheer guts today was outstanding! Not everyone achieved a personal best today but even the people who slightly missed out still had strong runs and the people who it didn’t work out on the day for, they still gritted their teeth and came home defiantly!

The course does have hills but I think we have tougher ones around North Norwich and I found them fairly comfortable today. A nice steady course with no real surprises and the weather was pretty much near perfect for us runners!! Damp, no wind and fairly mild!😁

I would recommend this course to anyone looking at filling their November 2020 race calendar as I will definately be going back to chip away at my PB of 1:28:03 today (proud face). If I can take 12 mins off my previous and with so many PB’s out there today, I think you would be mad to miss out on this one next year!!

So I was asked if I could provide our race report for today which I happily obliged (how can you say no to the person giving you their last fruit scone🤷🏻‍♂️) so I thought I’d start by finding out who on the coach had achieved a PB..95% of hands all went up 🤦🏻‍♂️

A handful of mentions:

1) Marc Coles 1:19:46!!!! First time under the ‘20 for Mark, 1st Road Runner home and an outstanding race. Well done Mark!🙌🏼🎉

2) Jessica B Running 1:27:51!! 1st female Road Runner home and a huge 2 mins off her previous PB! Superb effort to the line! Well done Jess!🙌🏼

3) Chris Bullock 1:21:29!!! 2nd home and a great PB! Congrats Chris!🙌🏼

4) Aston Martin 1:23:55!! 3rd home and an awesome PB! The improvement Aston is showing on current form is incredible. Well done Aston!

5) Ruth Gaunt 1:45:00!! Now this is a really strong run,

6) Shane Boyle 1:49:55!!! Now this young man was hoping to creep in and break the sub 2 hours hoodoo. I think we can safely say he did more than that!!! Great PB and a mighty chunk of the previous!! 

7) Danielle Crane 1:59:07!!! Looking to break 2 hours, Danielle did just that today with a great performance. Almost timed perfectly to just duck under too!🙌🏼

8)Kelly Cornish 2:10:23!! Now correct me if I’m wrong but I swear Brett said Kelly was aiming to go under 2.5 hours today... right or wrong let me know because if that’s correct this was a huge time today!!!!🙌🏼


Simply Health great east run

Ipswich 22/9/2019

The advert for this half marathon shows the following 

Challenge yourself to 13.1 amazing miles of the beautiful Suffolk countryside, musical entertainment, and plenty of cheering crowds.

 I am sure that was true for the Norwich Road runners who completed this course. If the weather was anything like that inland then it must have been a hot one. Hopefully there was a local breeze to take the sting out of it. Congratulations all.

Guy Shearwood 01:47:47

Claire Rackham 01:49:38

Glen Robinson 01:50:40

Matt Howes 01:50:55

Liam Davison 01:57:51

Rebecca hardy 02:33:29


Wissey Half Marathon

Oxborough 1/9/2019

A good number of Norwich Road Runners made the journey across to the lovely village of Oxborough for the Wissey Half hosted by Ryston Runners Athletic club. Matt Porter was our first runner home in a chip time of 01:21:38.1 , taking 10th place overall and 4th in M45-49. David Houghton and Jon Shorten took the next two Norwich Runner male places with Jon taking second place in his age group. Jessica Behan was 2nd female overall( first in FO category)in a chip time of 01:34:02.9  Anne Flanagan and Nicola Hill  who took 2nd and 3rd place in the F40-44 age category. Judy Crooks was second in her age group 

Well done all

Dublin Half Marathon

Race Report


Congratulations to Kevin Rowe who completed  the Dublin Half Marathon 

( no Guinness was consumed during the completion of this race)

Gt.Yarmouth Half Marathon

Race Report

Congratulations to the Norwich Road runners who completed the Great Yarmouth Half Marathon on 11th August 2019. It must have been windy down on the coast. Was staying on your feet a priority? 

Marc Coles was first road runner home in a chip time of 01:20:38 taking 6th place overall. He was second in his age category. Anne Flanagan, while taking first in her age category ,was  also first female NRR home with a chip time of 01:43:05. Nicola Hill was third in that same age category with a time of 01:46:45. Philippa Rudd((02:03:33) was a second age category finisher

The ladies picked up the 2nd place Vets team prize Anne Flanagan, Nicola Hill, Philippa Runn

The men also picked up 2nd place in the Vets Team Marc Coles(pb), Liam Rowlands9pb), Ben Snelling, Dios Fernandez (pb)

city of Norwich HM

On Sunday 7th April 2019 80 Norwich Road Runners were at the Norwich Showgrounds, among 1700+ other runners, nervously awaiting the start of City of Norwich Half.This sets out from the Showground and as described on the organisers web site ' rural single lap route through the parishes of Easton, Honingham, Colton, Barnham Broom, Marlingford and close to Easton College. The first half of the course is pretty flat with one or two little bumps in the second half.'  Many runners would confirm that 'with one or two little bumps in the second half'  is poetic licence at its worst! A number of NRR runners gathered around the club banner and the main topic of conversation was the weather. Was it going to remain cool? what to wear? Why had the percentage of promised rained gone from 22% to 80% overnight? In the end the race had some cold weather, some rain and some sun!

The arrival of the sun was a poignant moment for two brothers. On Facebook Jack Cheung posted. 'With 400m to go, the sun ☀️ shone through the clouds ⛅️ We knew it was our beloved brother Sze pushing us all the way, such a special day for me and Dick 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️❤️❤️❤️'. The brothers were running their first half marathons in honour of a well loved Norwich Road Runner, their brother Sze-Ming Cheung, tragically killed in a road traffic accident.

John Hudson was the first Male Road Runner home in a time of 1:18:17 securing 10th position in a field of very talented runners. Others who put in great times were Trevor Gannon, Marc Coles, Chris Bullock, Alex Griffiths who all ran under 1.23. First female home was Deborah English in 1.35 and not far behind Anne Flanagan and Nicola Hill in 1.38 and 1.39 respectively

Congratulations to all those who achieved PB's, ran a HM for the first time or in any other way achieved a goal. There are too many known PB's to list here but feel free to go to the Norwich Road runners Facebook page and boast there to your hearts content- If you are a member! Tell us all about it ,you deserve it