East Coast 10K

Great Yarmouth 13/10/2019

 63 NRR’s ran in this race today 

Boiling hot one way then a harsh head wind the other 💨

Some great results 

MU40 John Hudson 3rd in age 

M40-44 Trevor Gannon 3rd in age

M55-59 Mark Garrett 2nd in age

Jessica B Running 3rd lady overall 

40-44 Anne Flanagan 2nd in age

45-49 Rachel Miller 2nd in age

60-64 Anne Millett 2nd in age 

Men’s team 

Male O40

Norwich Road Runners 1 (01:51:39.4)

00:36:41.5 Trevor Gannon

00:37:12.5 Simon Wright

00:37:45.5 Marc Coles

Norwich Road Runners 2 (01:57:27.0)

00:38:15.3 Chris Bullock

00:39:25.5 Mark Garrett

00:39:46.3 Marc Evans

Female team 

Female O40

Norwich Road Runners 1 (02:16:32.2)

00:43:59.5 Anne Flanagan

00:45:21.1 Rachel Miller

00:47:11.7 Claire Rackham

Just to add the MU40 were only 12 seconds behind Conac who won the team prize 

Male U40

City of Norwich AC 1 (01:53:20.9)

00:36:04.0 David Roy

00:37:48.1 Chris Yeates

00:39:29.0 Kieron Mcfarlane

Norwich Road Runners 1 (01:53:32.6)

00:36:50.6 John Hudson

00:38:20.0 Ashley Hobbs

00:38:22.1 Chris Harrison

Well done all

Great running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Marriotts Way 10K

Aylsham to Reepham 6/10/2019

So if I said WET WET WET what would your mind turn to? Well if you were a runner anywhere Ayshalm area then your mind would have probably been focused on trying to avoid puddles, stream and washouts as you ran from Aylsham to Reepham along the Marriotts way.

Paul Smith (00:40:38.2),Tom Hull(00:40:45.8)and Matthew Laband(00:42:10.5), the first rod runners home took 7th .8th and 9th place respectively. 

Charlotte Lucy Hodgson( 00:49:33.1) and Brooke Clarke (00:50:18.2) took 5th and 6th place in the FO category whlie Natasha Blyth came home in  00:51:42.

Paul Smith was second in the M40-44 group, while J Eastaugh-king was  second in F55-59

Jolly Jaguars 10K

Scottow Enterpise Park 22/9/2019

Congratulations to all the Norwich Road Runners who finished what could be the last Jolly Jaguar 10K to be run on the historic RAF base. Well if it the last then over 700 runners made the event one to remember. Those who finished and collected their lovely aircraft themed medals ran two laps of the airstrip under a very hot sun. 

John Hudson was the first Norwich Road Runner home, taking 5th place in a time of 00:41:38.0. Trevor Gannon ( 00:41:38.0) , Liam Rowlands ( 00:41:38.0) and Marc Coles(00:37:09.5) took 9th, 10th and 11th place respectively. Mark Garrett took second place in the M55-59 age category while John Causer also took second place in M70+ age group.

Once again the lady runners did the club proud with Amy Beck taking the first female place with a time of 00:39:56.5  with Jessica Behan ( 00:40:21.4) and Alicia Lacey (00:41:38.0) taking third and fourth places. Penny Edwards was second in the 60-64 category. 

Panther Brewery Reepham 10k

Reepham 9/8/2019

Well done everyone who ran tonight, the race had a downpour finish weather wise not quite making it the summer evening run it should be..!

Always a good club run event from Reepham Runners using Marriotts Way as the second part of the course as you head to the finish.

Well done to Simon Wright who came 3rd overall Amy Beck and Alicia Lacey who were 1st and 2nd ladies respectfully.

RUN NORWICH 10k 2019

Norwich 22/7/2019

The day began with what looked like perfect weather to do a 10000m  tour on foot, at pace, with free drink, around the city of Norwich. There was an opportunity to see  sites such as the Castle, Norwich City football ground, Bishops Bridge and the Cathedral amongst others. Yes ,it was the Run Norwich 2019 and over 6000 runners poured in the city to take part in this well organised race. The organisation behind a large event like this must be varied and difficult. The organisers rely on teams of volunteers, as they do every year, to erect barriers, marshall specific points, give out water, medals goodie bags etc. Most of them would have been runners, or friends and family of runners and our thanks go to them. Our thanks also go Road Runners who were taking part but went early to erect the club Gazebo, a welcome haven for us on the day. When Chapelfield is packed with runners before and after the event it is good to see the NRR banners flying!

Sadly the weather did not keep it is early promise and it really warmed up during the race but it was dry and not as hot, as I recall, from earlier events. Its a tough course but as can be seen there were lots of PB's from among the 422 Road Runners who finished the race. 

JOHN HUDSON( 00:36:23)  TREVOR GANNON( 00:36:26) and

LIAM ROWLANDS( 00:37:07) were the first three NRR Male runners home in 34 35 and 46th gender places respectively. Trevor Gannon was 4th in the M40 category, Matt Porter  6th(M45) Jon Shorten 6th (M50) Mark Garrett 2nd (M55)Martin Howard 5th (M65)and John Causer 6th(M70)

AMY BECK (00:40:19 )SUZY HILL (00:43:07) STACEY HARPER (00:45:15) were the first female NRR  runners to cross the line, with Amy in 13th position in the female gender category, Suzy in 19th and Stacey 31st. Amy Beck was 10th  and Suzy Hill 15th in the FS category while Stacey Harper  and Rachel Miller were 6 and 8th(F40), Ruth Gaunt 6th(F50) Judy Crooks 8th(F55) and Anne Mill 4th (F60)

Advised PB's for the course 

Vickey Bailey (00:56:20/ 00:55:49)Dominique Bivar Segurado(00:57:19/00:55/17)Natasha Blyth (00:54:32)

Shane Boyle (01:02:45 / 00:55:19)Louise Chappel  (00:48:50) Brooke Clarke(00:48:42/00:48:07)Shaun Cleworth(00:43:13/01:41:33)Brett Cornish (00:49:25 / 00:47:44)Danielle)Crane (01:00:39/00:54:43) Mark Downes (00:43:41)Dios Fernandez (00:49:04/00:46:45)Helen Fiske (01:14:35/01:13:42)Lee Forder (00:40:33/00:40:11)Clare Gooch(01:02:00/00:58:31) Wendy Glaysher(01:10:49)Michelle Green (01:08:20/01:06:49)David Hender (01:00:55/01:00:33) Theresa Herring (00:49:49)Charlotte Lucy Hodgson( 00:53:12/48:51David Houghton00:39:51/ 00:39:33)Martin Howard (00:53:13/00:49:11)Matt Jenkins(00:40:25/00:40:16) Paula Jordan (01:01:16 /01:00:49)Trevor Kurt ( 00:43:31)Glyn Manton 00:48:39/ 00:47:57)Mark Mardell( 00:44:56/ 00:41:42)Kelly Parry (00:53:11/00:49:15)Karen Patterson(01:04:48/00:58:28)Stephen Pizey (01:17:39/01:12:10) Matt Porter(00:39:47/ 00:37:14}Lucy Richardson (01:12:30/ 00:57:41 ) Lucy Ring  (01:00:40/ 00:53:41) Liam Rowland (00:37:07) Jon Rowden  (00:47:03/ 00:46:51 John Shorten (00:41:26/00:40:58)Sara Shorten( 01:04:50/ 01:02:25) Hannah Louise Snelling(01:07:39) Mark Townsend (00: 46:41/ 00:  46:39)


east harling 10k

East darling 7/7/2019

A good morning for Norwich Road Runners. at the at Harling 10K  Caroline Houghton was 2nd Lady and 1st in age Category while  David Houghton was 5th overall and 1st in age category having both ran in the Lord's Mayor's 5K last night! Gary Grand  was 10th overall and 1st in age category.

5         David Houghton        40:22 40:25 M 45 to 49

10    Gary Grand             41:53 41:57 M 55 to 59

21       Caroline Houghton 43:49 43:54 F 45 to 49

75   Theresa Colby                48:05 48:11 F 45 to 49

76    Keith Blake                48:05 48:12 M 55 to 59

118    Gavin Thouless        51:27 51:48 M 50 to 54

120    Christopher Carr        51:37 51:56 M Senior


Run from Freethorpe on 30th June 2019

The race is so named, if you are wondering, after one of its sponsors, the Humpty Dumpty brewery in Reedham. My bet is that a large number of runners ,racing through Reedham on a very hot day, would have enjoyed a cold sample. However they had to settle for cups of water supplied at two water stations manned by willing volunteers. Thanks to Pat Brightman for rescuing the race( There was last minute problem with parking) and organising a great day.

John Hudson was the first  male NRR under the finishing gantry with a time of 00:37:32. Jessica Behan was second in the Female Senior category in a time of 00:40:37. John Causer was first in the 70+ category in a fine time of 00:57:36 ,followed by Barry Wells  in 1:00:36

Other results were 

M Senior

John Hudson 1st

Dominic Richardson 2nd


Mark Garrett 2nd


Jon Shorten 3rd


James Johnson 3rd



Judy Crooks 2nd


Caroline Houghton 3rd


Anne Flanagan 1st

Nicola Hill 2nd


Men Senior Winners

John Hudson

Dominic Richardson

Simon Wright

Liam Rowlands

Vets Team winners

Marc Coles

Chris Bullock

Marc Evans

Mark Garrett

Ladies vets Team winners

Caroline Houghton

Anne Flanagan

Nicola Hill

Theresa Colby

Overall  Jessica B Running 2nd

Known PB's: Mark Mardell 00:42:00, Theresa Herring 00:47:38 ( by one minute)


A run in the Sun 2/06/2019

A good number of Norwich Road Runners were among the 578 who took part in the Mike Groves 10K organised by Coltishall Jaguars, and raced on the airstrip at the famous old airbase, now a business site. The problem with airbases they are normally designed to take full advantage of the prevailing winds and there isn’t much shade!. This was the problem on Sunday 2nd March with the heat and wind making racing hard for runners. However, despite the conditions Amy Beck sealed first place in the Female Open section in a time of 00:42:20.5 (chip 00:42:18.8) while Jessica Behan came second (00:43:28.0 Chip 00:43:23.0). Marc Coles came third in a time of 00:38:36.0 (Chip 00:38:34.9) and Chris Bullock was fifth in 00:38:55.7 (Chip 00:38:54.2)

In the Mike Groves Junior Race Archie Manton romped home in a time of 00:08:35.4 to secure fourth place while Archie Crow was sixth in 00:08:35.4. Well done to you both and to all the other club juniors who raced,


26/05/2019 10:30

The Holt 10K starts and finishes in the beautiful grounds of the prestigious Gresham School and, as ever, the sports fields look wonderful and the facilities are great. Parking is easy and the registration desks, cafe and bag drop are all under the same roof with the ever necessary, and sufficient in number, toilets close to hand. Arriving to start the race amongst all those wonderful buildings and well kept lawns seems to have a calming effect on the nerves. To me it was one of those 'what if' days. What if it rains? Should I put on a rain jacket? What if it stays cool? Tee shirt or running vest? As it turned out it was warm enough to run in a vest and the rain held off till after the race. I found the wind a bit of a nuisance and, to me, the description of the race as 'mostly flat' was playing fast and loose with the truth!

Norwich Road runners had a good turn out, despite the attraction of the Liverpool Rock and Roll and Edinburgh Marathons and other races. Simon Wright was the first Norwich Road Runner home in 9th place with a gun time of 00:37:48.3 (Chip time)00:37:40. Marc Coles was 13th overall and second in the M 40-44 age group (Gun 00:38:11.9 Chip 00:38:10.4) and Chris Bullock wasn't too far behind him with a gun time of 00:38:35.3 (Chip 00:38:33.6). Mark Garrett came second in the M55-59 age group in 00:39:29.9 (Chip 00:39:29.9). Marc Evans also put in a good effort as the 4th NRR home thus helping the Marcs to make their mark! (Sorry)

Jessica Behan again did us proud crossing the line with a gun time of 00:41:33.5 ( Chip 00:41:33.5) to come second in the Female Open group and Alison Stewart ( Gun 00:50:44.1 Chip 00:50:30.4) came second in the F60-64 group