Humpty Dumpty 10K

Run from Freethorpe on 30th June 2019

The race is so named, if you are wondering, after one of its sponsors, the Humpty Dumpty brewery in Reedham. My bet is that a large number of runners ,racing through Reedham on a very hot day, would have enjoyed a cold sample. However they had to settle for cups of water supplied at two water stations manned by willing volunteers. Thanks to Pat Brightman for rescuing the race( There was last minute problem with parking) and organising a great day.

John Hudson was the first  male NRR under the finishing gantry with a time of 00:37:32. Jessica Behan was second in the Female Senior category in a time of 00:40:37. John Causer was first in the 70+ category in a fine time of 00:57:36 ,followed by Barry Wells  in 1:00:36

Other results were 

M Senior

John Hudson 1st

Dominic Richardson 2nd


Mark Garrett 2nd


Jon Shorten 3rd


James Johnson 3rd



Judy Crooks 2nd


Caroline Houghton 3rd


Anne Flanagan 1st

Nicola Hill 2nd


Men Senior Winners

John Hudson

Dominic Richardson

Simon Wright

Liam Rowlands

Vets Team winners

Marc Coles

Chris Bullock

Marc Evans

Mark Garrett

Ladies vets Team winners

Caroline Houghton

Anne Flanagan

Nicola Hill

Theresa Colby

Jessica B Running 2nd

Known PB's: Mark Mardell 00:42:00, Theresa Herring 00:47:38 ( by one minute)