run norwich 2019

Run Norwich 10K 22st July 2019

The day began with what looked like perfect weather to do a 10000m  tour on foot, at pace, with free drink, around the city of Norwich. There was an opportunity to see  sites such as the Castle, Norwich City football ground, Bishops Bridge and the Cathedral amongst others. Yes ,it was the Run Norwich 2019 and over 6000 runners poured in the city to take part in this well organised race. The organisation behind a large event like this must be varied and difficult. The organisers rely on teams of volunteers, as they do every year, to erect barriers, marshall specific points, give out water, medals goodie bags etc. Most of them would have been runners, or friends and family of runners and our thanks go to them. Our thanks also go Road Runners who were taking part but went early to erect the club Gazebo, a welcome haven for us on the day. When Chapelfield is packed with runners before and after the event it is good to see the NRR banners flying!

Sadly the weather did not keep it is early promise and it really warmed up during the race but it was dry and not as hot, as I recall, from earlier events. Its a tough course but as can be seen there were lots of PB's from among the 422 Road Runners who finished the race. 

JOHN HUDSON( 00:36:23)  TREVOR GANNON( 00:36:26) and

LIAM ROWLANDS( 00:37:07) were the first three NRR Male runners home in 34 35 and 46th gender places respectively. Trevor Gannon was 4th in the M40 category, Matt Porter  6th(M45) Jon Shorten 6th (M50) Mark Garrett 2nd (M55)Martin Howard 5th (M65)and John Causer 6th(M70)

AMY BECK (00:40:19 )SUZY HILL (00:43:07) STACEY HARPER (00:45:15) were the first female NRR  runners to cross the line, with Amy in 13th position in the female gender category, Suzy in 19th and Stacey 31st. Amy Beck was 10th  and Suzy Hill 15th in the FS category while Stacey Harper  and Rachel Miller were 6 and 8th(F40), Ruth Gaunt 6th(F50) Judy Crooks 8th(F55) and Anne Mill 4th (F60)

Advised PB's for the course 

Vickey Bailey (00:56:20/ 00:55:49)Dominique Bivar Segurado(00:57:19/00:55/17)Natasha Blyth (00:54:32)

 Shane Boyle (01:02:45 / 00:55:19)Louise Chappel  (00:48:50) Brooke Clarke(00:48:42/00:48:07)Shaun Cleworth(00:43:13/01:41:33)Brett Cornish (00:49:25 / 00:47:44)Danielle)Crane (01:00:39/00:54:43) Mark Downes (00:43:41)Dios Fernandez (00:49:04/00:46:45)Helen Fiske (01:14:35/01:13:42)Lee Forder (00:40:33/00:40:11)Clare Gooch(01:02:00/00:58:31) Wendy Glaysher(01:10:49)Michelle Green (01:08:20/01:06:49)David Hender (01:00:55/01:00:33) Theresa Herring (00:49:49)Charlotte Lucy Hodgson( 00:53:12/48:51David Houghton00:39:51/ 00:39:33)Martin Howard (00:53:13/00:49:11)Matt Jenkins(00:40:25/00:40:16) Paula Jordan (01:01:16 /01:00:49)Trevor Kurt ( 00:43:31)Glyn Manton 00:48:39/ 00:47:57)Mark Mardell( 00:44:56/ 00:41:42)Kelly Parry (00:53:11/00:49:15)Karen Patterson(01:04:48/00:58:28)Stephen Pizey (01:17:39/01:12:10) Matt Porter(00:39:47/ 00:37:14}Lucy Richardson (01:12:30/ 00:57:41 ) Lucy Ring  (01:00:40/ 00:53:41) Liam Rowland (00:37:07) Jon Rowden  (00:47:03/ 00:46:51 John Shorten (00:41:26/00:40:58)Sara Shorten( 01:04:50/ 01:02:25) Hannah Louise Snelling(01:07:39) Mark Townsend (00: 46:41/ 00:  46:39)