The Norwich Road Runners is an inclusive club of more than 500 senior members and 60 junior runners. As a large club, we have established a rigorous set of club governance documents, policies and procedures, which ensure the safe and fair organisation and running of the club. We strive to deliver the very best for our members - and as such we expect our members to familiarise themselves with our policies and procedures, and abide by them at all times.

Club Constitution and Officer Roles

The Norwich Road Runners' Constitution details the aims, objectives and operational structure of the club. 

The constitution was last revised in May 2019.

Norwich Road Runners Constitution [PDF, 361kb]

The club also has defined 'officer roles', which are carried out by elected members of the club:

Norwich Road Runners' Officer Roles [PDF, 323kb]

Code of Conduct

The Norwich Road Runners committee have agreed upon a code of conduct for the club. Members are expected to abide by this code of conduct at all times, and agree to when joining the club or renewing their membership. Any member found in breach of the code of conduct may have disciplinary action taken against them (see below).

Norwich Road Runners Code of Conduct [PDF, 135kb]

Grievance and Disciplinary

The Norwich Road Runners committee have agreed upon a grievance and disciplinary policy, for use should a grievance or disciplinary be lodged by any member.

Norwich Road Runners Grievance and Disciplinary Policy [PDF, 129kb] 


The club takes its commitment to member's welfare seriously. As an affiliated club with British Athletics we strive to follow and implement their policies, procedures and best practice. For more information on British Athletics' Safeguarding and Welfare, please click here.

This is supplemented by our Code of Conduct and Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures Norwich Road Runners Safeguarding and Welfare Policy [PDF, 360kb

The club's Welfare Officer is Beryl Knowles. She can be contacted via email: 

London Marathon Ballot Draw

As a England Athletics affiliated club, the Norwich Road Runners receives a number of entries into the London Marathon. The amount of spaces varies each year depending on the membership of the club and the rules covering that year's race. 

As an inclusive club, the committee have agreed and implemented a set of criteria and rules, so that every member has an equal chance of securing a place through our ballot, should they enter. Please familiarise yourself with these rules, as they will be used in conducting the draw, and addressing any complaints or challenges to the draw.

London Marathon Ballot Draw Rules [PDF, 151kb]

Committee Officers


Club Secretary /Acting Vice Chairman

Club Secretary /Acting Vice Chairman

Club Secretary /Acting Vice Chairman

Club Secretary /Acting Vice Chairman

Club Secretary /Acting Vice Chairman

Welfare Officer

Club Secretary /Acting Vice Chairman

Membership Secretary

Membership Secretary

Acting Communication Officer

Membership Secretary

David Hender

Acting Communication Officer

Acting Communication Officer

Acting Communication Officer


Acting Communication Officer

Acting Communication Officer

Committee officers (Cont.)

Compliance Officer

Committee Members

Health and Safety Officer/Webmaster

Induction officer/Commitee Rep for Coaches

Club Captain-Ladies Team

Stacey Harper

Committee representative for Coaches

Committee representative for Junior Section

Alma Simmonds

Road Race Director

club history

Ray Lindsey, Mark Futter and Stephen Sadd were running together in 1982 under the banner of Fitt Signs.They were joined by Stephen Dixon in mid 1982 and definitely by the Fakenham 10 mile race on 11 July 1982.

For a brief period they ran under the banner of Midnight Runners and the results from the second Norfolk marathon in September 1983 show that the Midnight Runners came 4th Non-affiliated team( S.Dixon 3:27:04,M. Futter 3:27:06, R.Lindsay 3:31:56 S.Sadd 4:01:58 )

At the same time as this, but independently, Michael Betts had started running and,as he lived in the same road as Richard Sales ( Thurling Plain) they started running together. They too ran the 2nd Norfolk Marathon( R. Sales 3:02:42, M Betts 3:08:58) and it was here that they met the others for the first time. It was also here that Mick Betts met up again with Ivan Loades ( I.Loades 3:12:33) who he had known in his childhood.

The six of us ( Mick Betts, Stephen Dixon, Mike Futter,Ray Lindsey, Ivan Loades and Richard Sales) met more regularly. Later, in order to attract more members and keep our best runners, we made a group decision to change the name from Midnight Runners to Norwich road Runners. 

The club therefore has six founding members Mick Betts, Stephen Dixon, Mike Futter,Ray Lindsay, Ivan Loades and Richard Sales. This took place in late 1983 to  early 1984 with the first printed record is of the 2nd Ipswich Marathon on the 9th September 1984 although it is possible we ran under the club name earlier in 1984.

The club was growing and so we started running from The Crome Recreation Centre on Crome Road (now demolished) and later in 1985 the club became affiliated, with Mick Betts becoming the first club secretary.

The rest ,as they say, is history