Club Standards-WOMEN

Club Standards

Club Standards

The club has established a set of standards for runners to aim for when training and competing in races. You can only claim standards for the age category in which you are eligible.  Once you achieve 6 of the 7 standards a small recognition of your achievement will be awarded.

This will be calculated by the World Record time of your age and sex.

For reference: The formula used is - WORLD RECORD TIME (divided by) YOUR RACE TIME = % age grading.

The age grading % for the standards is as follows:-

Diamond 90%

Gold 80%

Silver 70%

Bronze 60%

Bronze Intermediate 50%


To claim your standard check your time for your age and distance on the PDF shown below and then complete the form 


The Standards now operate across a 'lifetime' of success, meaning you might claim Gold for 5K at 25 years of age, then another Gold distance at 41 years of age.  This still counts towards achieving a Gold memento across the standards.

*Please note that any distances claimed from the previous times still count towards your total.

2 distances have also been dropped, 15 mile and 20 mile and replaced with 30km.  This nationally is a more common distance.

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